A Tribute to Al Worden

The Alan Bean painting featured in today’s post is  A Window on the End of an Era. It was one of the beautiful images Al Worden stopped to admire as he carried out his checklist of scientific experiments and photography while Dave Scott and Jim Irwin explored the lunar surface. He said, “Every time I came around the moon I went to a window and watched the Earth rise and that was pretty unique.”

Eulogy For My Father

Dad’s Memorial Service was held on June 29, 2018, at The Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas. It was a beautiful, honorable remembrance of a beloved husband, father, and friend. Several astronauts, Dad’s best friends, and his wife, Leslie spoke at the service. My remembrance touched on Dad’s role as a loving father. Dad’s […]

#6 Dad and Do-nuts

Sunday morning, May 1970, Apollo 12 had flown to the moon and returned to earth 6 months earlier. Dad bent down to tighten the strap on my helmet. Climbing on the motorcycle, he flipped the choke and turned the key. Our two-wheeled rocket was lit. My arms tight around his waist, he patted them, flipped […]

#5 Fear has no place here.

Far and away the number one question I am asked as the daughter of an Astronaut is “Were you scared when your father walked on the moon?” The answer is “no, not at all.” Certainly I had every reason to be. On November 14, 1969, from Launchpad 39A’s closest viewing area (a full 3 miles […]