#4 Forged in Rocket Fire and Sprinkled with Moon Dust

I want to tell you a story of a friendship. A friendship between two women that turned into four women. A friendship that dreamed of the stars. A friendship that was forged in rocket fire and sprinkled with moon dust.
Tracy & Amy- Astro Dad photos-blog post pic#1
Tracy Cernan & Amy Bean proudly holding photos of their Apollo Astronaut fathers, Gene Cernan and Alan Bean, 1968
It is late 1963 and the new astronauts, the“Apollo 14”, are chosen to carry out Kennedy’s vision to land man on the moon and return him safely to earth before the decade is out. The space race is on. It is a 6-year sprint from the earth to the moon.
A housing development, Nassau Bay rises from the Gulf Coast cow pastures outside the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, and the new astronaut families cluster their homes a few blocks from each other. The “14” men fly off to fulfill America’s destiny.
Astronaut_Group_Three, blog post pic #2
The new Astronauts, the “Apollo 14” are introduced to the nation, 1963
The women unpack the family belongings, enroll their children in school, and create a supportive home for their husbands to return. Marge Slayton, Deke’s wife, welcomes the newcomers into the fold of the Astronaut Wives Club. My mother, Sue Bean and Barbara Cernan, friendly, vivacious blondes, discover their baby daughters, Amy and Tracy, were born 3 months apart. The mothers push their baby strollers to the park in the afternoon, and when Tracy and I grow older, they frequently pack a picnic lunch for Galveston Beach.
Astrowives group blog pic #3
The Astronaut Wives Club, Sue Bean, sitting, third from right, Barbara Cernan, standing, fifth from right, 1964
Traditional Texas women, Barbara was a Continental Airlines stewardess when she met Gene, and my mother, Sue, a University of Texas cheerleader, married my father, Alan, a few months after his NROTC commissioning. Barbara and Mom’s friendship is born from a shared sense of purpose, their calling in the roles of loving mothers and devoted wives to their husbands, Naval Aviators who set their sails for the stars.
Cernan wedding day, blog pic #4
Lieutenant Gene Cernan and bride Barbara on their wedding day, 1961
Commissioning 1955, blog pic #5
Commissioning Day, University of Texas, 1955, right -Sue Ragsdale and Ensign Alan Bean
The two women rely on each other, a daily phone call or a morning cup of coffee. I spend the night at the Cernan home when my parents need an overnight babysitter. Barbara is home late from a day in town, Tracy rides the school bus home with me till mom can pick her up. Gene buys Tracy a horse and teaches Tracy and me to ride. Outside the gates of the Manned Spacecraft Center is The Little Red Schoolhouse where Mom is a teacher. Tracy and I attend preschool and kindergarten together.
Tracy & Amy sleepover blog post #6
Tracy, Amy, and Sue Bean, 1968
Gene, Tracy and Amy with Pony Pepper blog pic #7
Tracy holding her Shetland Pony, Pepper, with father, Gene Cernan hugging Amy Bean, 1966
Mom and Barbara are there for each other from launch to splashdown. The morning of the Apollo 12 blastoff I remember Barbara brushing my hair, buttoning up my coat before we left for the launchpad. The afternoon of Dad’s landing on the moon, she hosted an Astronaut Wives luncheon for mom.
Barbara, Amy pre-launch blog px #8 (1).jpg
Barbara helps Amy get ready to go for the Apollo 12 launch, November 14, 1969.
Barbara, mom launch day blog post PIC #9.jpeg
Sue and Barbara making their way to Pad 39A, Apollo 12 launch, the morning of November 14, 1969.
Tracy and I ran around the Cernan front yard, posing for the news photographers while Barbara, Mom, friends, and family anxiously watched Gene’s daring Gemini 9 spacewalk.
Tracy & Amy-tree, blog post pic #11.jpeg
Tracy and Amy (3 years) play peek-a-boo while Tracy’s father, Gemini 9 Astronaut Gene Cernan is in space. 1966
After Apollo 11 returned from the moon, President Nixon hosted the Moon Ball in Los Angeles, CA inviting all the astronauts, members of Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Governors of the 50 States, and other national and international dignitaries, to celebrate the American accomplishment. Dad and Gene earned a military man’s salary so Mom and Barbara drove over to my Aunt Hallie’s San Antonio dress shop to buy gowns at cost. My father, always the artist with an eye for beauty, helped Barbara and Mom glue on their false eyelashes.
Mom, Barbara, and Aunt Hallie
Barbara and Sue with Aunt Hallie and her assistant at her San Antonio dress shop
Our friendship of four celebrates its 54th year. We have seen each other through five space flights, including 3 trips to the moon, divorces, marriages, the births of children, the deaths of parents, husbands, fathers, and dear friends. In the midst of my parent’s divorce, I cried on Barbara’s shoulder. Tracy was the Maid-of-Honor in my wedding and, Barbara is my daughter’s Godmother.
Tracy and Amy-Skylab2
Sporting our Skylab 2 colors on the day of splashdown, September 1973.
Victoria's baptism new blog post pic
Godmother, Barbara Cernan, Amy Bean holding daughter, Victoria Mellin and father, Steve Mellin, 1992.
We lived in different cities, different states. In the 90s, Mom and Barbara lived down the street from each other again. Through it all, we are bonded by an extraordinary time when our husbands, our fathers, pioneers of the stars, thrust the world into the frontier of space.
Fab4blog post #4 pic #12
Tracy, Amy, Barbara and Sue Today


  1. Love this post and the great photos of the four of you. Such great memories and love that you are all reunited once again by living close by! Truly special friendships!


    1. Thank you Gwen. Your opinion means so much to me. We share many of the same memories from that special time. When we were little girls playing together in Nassau Bay, I did not realize how closely our father’s work was intertwined, teammates, especially the Apollo 12 launch! Tell your Mom and Dad I will see them at Spacefest again.


  2. This is awesome! So glad you two had, and have one another, all these years. Such a great story of friends who become family. Hope you are doing well. I can’t believe it has been 40 years since I left Nassau Bay. I think y’all moved two years before me.


  3. Amy, it was great to see you and your mother this weekend, please come and see us soon! What a super post so full of your recollections…….I really like the picture of your parents (and mine!) on commissioning day in front of Littlefield fountain at UT; I have never seen that one before! I have warm memories of you and your family as neighbors for so many years…blessings to you and yours! Sam


  4. Amy, I don’t know if you remember me but I have such fond memories of both you and Tracy from Camp Mystic. I think we were in either Tumble Inn or Bug House together. That was a special place. Every time I smell rubbing alcohol, I think is ear drops after swimming. I love your posts about your dad, especially the part about him that wasn’t meaningful because he was a public figure, but because of the relationship you two had. Be well.


  5. Hi Amy, I am Elaine, I was your Moms hairstylist for many years in the NASA era. I think of her so often & would love it if you could tell her hello for me. I am so sorry for the loss of your father, his great service to our country is beyond appreciated.
    I remember you & your adorable rabbit ..I’ve wanted one ever since.
    Thank you for this lovely walk down memory lane & tell Sue.,she’s still my favorite. Hugs to her.
    Best regards.,


  6. Hi Amy, I believe we were in Navy ROTC together at the University of Texas. I was only there 1982-83 when I got commissioned as a USMC 2nd Lt. I was one of the Marine enlisted people in the ROTC unit. My name then was Liz Kelley. I enjoyed reading your website.


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