A Father’s Day Post: The Apollo 12 Coolest Things about an Astronaut Dad

Number 1: His Corvette’s Bumper Sticker Legitimately States “My Other Vehicle Is A Rocket Ship.”

Number 2: An Astronaut Dad Never Complains When You drive Over The Speed Limit, Unless You Pull More Than 3 Gs.

Number 3: When Your iPhone Goes Dead On A Road Trip, No Problem, Your Astronaut Dad Can Navigate By The Stars.

Astronaut Dad Gene Cernan and Tracy Cernan

Number 4: Dad Jeans? Not Your Astronaut Dad.  His Spacesuit Is Forever Styling.

Number 5: Your Friend Boasts His Dad Travels The World For work. Your Astronaut Dad Orbits The World For Work.

Number 6: Astronaut Dad’s Are Full Of Fatherly Wisdom, Such As “Before You Judge A Man, Walk A Mile In His Moon Boots.”

Number 7: Playing Your Teenage Rock Music Too Loud? Forget About It. A Rocket Engine Roar Is  The Astronaut Dad’s Favorite Tune.

Astronaut Dad Alan Bean, Amy, and Clay Bean

Number 8: Worried Your Dad Will Embarrass You During The Father-Daughter Dance At Your Wedding. Not You, Your Dad Has Mastered The Moonwalk.

Number 9: His  Bathroom Scale Is Set To Your “Moon Weight”.

Number 10: Even Your Left-Leaning Liberal Friends Can Respect “His Right Stuff”.

Astronaut Dad Pete Conrad, Mom, Jane, left to right, Thomas, Andy (flying), Chris, and Peter

Number 11: Who Else Can Say “I love you to the Moon and Back”, And Mean It.

Number 12: Before Your Astronaut Dad Lifted Off He Told You  “I Will Watch Over You From The Heavens.” Well He Still Is.


  1. This is so beautiful Amy Sue What a wonderful set of Parents you and Clay had. I so clearly remember your Mother and Father. Thank you and your Brother for sharing them with the rest of the world.

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  2. Thank you for Sharing your Mother and Father with us Amy. I remember the day your Dad visited your Mothers Class room at Town Creek, he was a Test Pilot then at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. I always thought the world of your Mom and Dad. We lived at the other end of Patuxent Beach Road. What wonderful People you each always have been. Next time I go by Arlington, I will stop and Pay my respects.

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