Dad and AmyAbout


I am Amy Sue Bean, daughter of Apollo 12 Moonwalker and Skylab Mission Commander (SL-3), Alan Bean. When I was 6 months old, my father was selected as an Astronaut and our family moved to Houston, Texas. I grew up in Nassau Bay, home to America’s space explorers. Nassau Bay was the Beverly Hills of the 1960s Space Race, only the houses were much smaller.  Tour buses stopped in front of our home and our daily life was splashed across the pages of Life Magazine. Mom set up coffee and donuts for the press in our garage when my Dad flew in space, and the Secret Service drove me to school the day my dad walked on the moon. I climbed over my back yard fence to Buzz Aldrin’s yard, and cut through our next door neighbor, Astronaut Charlie Bassett’s, lawn to catch the school bus. Dick Gordon, Roger Chaffee, Mike Collins, Dave Scott, Gene Cernan were a few blocks down the street. In between them and the other courageous astronauts lived the incredibly intelligent and dedicated engineers, scientists, physicists, and mathematicians who built the rockets that our fathers strapped on and flew into space.

My goal is to tell the stories of the Space Race from the unique perspective of the daughter of an Astronaut and Moonwalker who grew up in this idyllic, history-making community of men, women and children who had a dream, worked together to achieve the impossible, and landed man on the moon.