Apollo: An Eyewitness Account By Astronaut / Explorer Artist / Moonwalker, Alan Bean




Alan Bean’s boyhood dream was to become a Naval Aviator. He achieved that dream and more. Selected for the NASA Astronaut program in October of 1963, he flew to the moon on Apollo 12 where he and Mission Commander Pete Conrad explored the lunar surface. Alan also spent 59 days in space aboard America’s first space station, Skylab. Then in 1981 he left the Astronaut program to pursue another dream, Artist. Alan wanted to paint the stories of Apollo to the moon, as only a man who has been there can.

Alan Bean was a renaissance man. He possessed the mind of an engineer and the soul of an Artist. An Alan Bean painting is 100% technically accurate. He knew how the space suits functioned, each hose, visor, and glove. The lunar module (LM) pilot for Apollo12, his job was to understand the LM from propulsion system to cockpit layout. But the beauty of his artistry, the feelings it provokes, are what you remember when you see a painting by Alan Bean. Apollo An Eyewitness Account  reveals something new in the heart of even the most seasoned space historian, an emotional connection to the adventure that was Apollo.

The Greenwich Workshop Press, 1998

Important Fact This is a previously-owned book. Some of the copies have marks or stamps from their original purchasers, usually libraries. The cover of the book and the pages are in excellent shape but often the glossy book cover has a crinkle, or a slight bend. I have restored these books to the best of my abilities.

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