My Life as an Astronaut by Alan Bean




The exciting story of one of the first people to walk on the Moon.

A fun, inspirational read primarily aimed towards boys ages 8 and up. I highly recommend this book. My children enjoyed it immensely. True it is a story about their grandfather, Alan Bean but also it is a magical tale of a young boy with the faraway dream to soar high in the sky, and become the best of the best, a Naval Aviator. 

Alan was a C student. He was not the star athlete or one of the popular boys but he knew how to work hard and persevere. Alan made his dream come true, and went on to be one of only 12 men who have ever walked the surface of the moon. Step back in time and read about Alan’s boyhood adventures, his Naval test pilot training, and the feelings and thoughts Alan had on the moon. Alan encourages the young reader to reach for his own stars, but reminds him that dedication and extra effort are what it takes to fly there.

A Minstrel Book,1988

Important Fact This is a previously-owned book. Some of the copies have marks or stamps from their original purchasers, usually libraries. The cover of the book and the pages are in excellent shape but often the glossy book cover has a crinkle, or a slight bend. I have restored these books to the best of my abilities.

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